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The Knot unTies on iTunes

iTunes“Sketches For A Lost Summer” is now available on iTunes with individual tracks at £0.79 each.
Forget your apps, get yourself a fix of music…


The Untied Knot on Spotify

Spotify logo

“Sketches For A Lost Summer” is now on Spotify so you lucky people can hear the whole of the album by clicking here…

For those who aren’t familiar with Spotify – it’s a huge free on-line music streaming resource, effectively a radio station where you select what you want to hear.  As well as big-shots like David Bowie, Neil Young and The Beach Boys you’ll find all sorts of more esoteric stuff including loads of my faves like The Durutti Column, Robbie Basho & Popol Vuh.


Memory of a free festival

fables-review At the turn of the 1990s I was living in the South West London district of Tooting on a street which contained a row of housing association houses/ flats now sadly demolished to make way for a car park. Every summer, the adjoining gardens of the residents made way for a stage and a day of music, booze and general good-mannered mayhem known as Maybury Fest (and subsequently Longley Fest).
Like the Field Farm Festival, this was a fantastic event that ran on community goodwill and enthusiasm. The police would usually show up and stick their heads round but cheers to ’em, they never intervened.
I have particularly fond memories of the Maybury Fest as I made my debut musical performance there playing a mix of Stones, Velvet Underground and Doors numbers in a combo tragically (but also brilliantly) named, The Velvet Underpants. The following year I returned as guitarist with The Fables (see review right), making their live debut. Continue Reading →