The Untied Knot – Falling Off the Evolutionary Ladder – CD (2019)
Sonic Imperfections SI019
10 track CD in card digipack.  £9

The Untied Knot – Description of a Flame – Double  LP (2016)
Sonic Imperfections SI013
15 track double vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve. Last few copies £20 £15

The Untied Knot – Description of a Flame – CD (2016)
Sonic Imperfections SI012
15 track CD in vinyl replica gatefold sleeve.  SOLD OUT


The Untied Knot – Flaming – CD-R (2015)
Sonic Imperfections SI015
12 track CD-R of out-takes from “Description of a Flame” sessions with unique hand-painted artwork.  Limited to 10 copies. £5

The Untied Knot – Rien n’existe – LP (2013)
Sonic Imperfections SI010
9 track clear vinyl LP with MP3 download code.  £9

Rien Nexiste black CDThe Untied Knot – Rien n’existe – CD (2012)
Sonic Imperfections SI009
10 track CD in card gatefold sleeve with insert.   £5

The Untied Knot – Sketches for a Lost Summer – CD (2009)
Sonic Imperfections SI007
14 track CD in recycled digi-pack.£5 

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